Certified Safety and Health Manager (CSHM) Certification

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Through its certification program, the Institute for Safety and Health Management (ISHM) promotes the advancement of safety management through the application of management principles and the integration of safety into all levels and activities of an organization. The CSHM program recognizes the safety and health professionals who demonstrate knowledge of health and safety management skills and techniques through examination and experience.

As a CSHM you will see opportunities opening - both in the form of exciting positions and expanding personal career development as a management professional. Human resource managers are looking for the best, but often depend upon certification to ascertain the most competent for a position that management often does not fully understand. The CSHM will help you to strengthen your future career choices and give yourself a competitive edge.

In addition to technical knowledge of occupational safety and health, a successful safety and health manager must possess working knowledge of a broad range of business and financial principles and an understanding of related issues such as hazard analyses, accident investigations, safety audits andsurveys, workers' compensation, product safety, environmental laws, quality, and labor relations. The Certified Safety and Health Manager program is designed to provide recognition of those who can apply a broad range of safety and health management tools.

Candidates must achieve a passing grade on the CSHM Examination (determined by a cut score analysis, to be awarded CSHM certification by the Institute. The examination is based on one hundred and fifty (150) multiple choice questions measuring the applicant's knowledge in the following subject areas based on a Role Delineation Survey:

  1. General and Business Management (20% of test/30 questions/20%)
  2. Management Methods and Systems(38% of test/57 questions)
  3. Safety, Health, and Environment Applications (11% of test/17 questions)
  4. Risk Identification, Management and Control (31% of test/46 questions)

Summary of Requirements:

  • A minimum of a Bachelor's Degree plus five qualifying years of work experience or ASHM designation plus two years qualifying experience
  • Completion and approval of the application package and submission of fees
  • Passing the CSHM examination
  • Pay annual renewal fees and continue to meet annual renewal and recertification requirements
  • Certification maintenance involving following the Continuance of Certification (COC) program requiring that 30 COC points must be accumulated over 5 years or by retaking the examination